Tuesday, 25 March 2014

About Your Blogger

Well okay, this first post isn't so much a blog as some info about your future blogger.  But I feel it's important you know a little more about Dr. Neufeld before we start on this journey.

Dr. Brent Neufeld is a Developmental Optometrist serving Calgary and surrounding areas.  He has been offering Vision Therapy services in Calgary since 2003 from his primary care office.  In 2010 he opened Calgary Vision Therapy, the first exclusive vision therapy office in Alberta.  Dr. Neufeld has a true passion for vision therapy and in addition to all his years of hands on working experience with vision therapy he also continues to put in hundreds of post-graduate education hours every year specific to vision therapy.  He loves being able to see changes that truly make clients lives very noticeably improved.   Dr. Neufeld desires to see every person struggling with vision problems reach their full potential.  As vision therapy is something most people have not heard about he appreciates any recommendations/referrals you send his way to Calgary Vision Therapy (calgaryvt.com).  Unfortunately, not all vision therapy programs are created equal and after years of studying and trying different approaches to vision therapy we are very confident Calgary Vision Therapy is the place you want to be in Calgary to get help for visual problems.  Dr. Neufeld dreams of a world where no one struggles in school, sports, or any other area of life with undiagnosed visual problems.  He wants people to know that help does exist and it is very possible to learn new visual skills with the correct training and effort.  Vision problems are often more than the 20/20 label one gets and the idea of needing reading glasses or no glasses.  Being aware that testing only for 20/20 sight does not rule out correctable vision problems that may contribute to an individual’s ability to perform and achieve his/her own potential is essential. Watch for more information on upcoming blogs.  Visit www.calgaryvt.com for information on visually related learning difficulties, binocular coordination disorders, strabismus or amblyopia (lazy eye), sports vision therapy enhancement and more, or www.eyegallery.ca for information on routine annual eye care, eye health and optical products such as eye glasses and contact lenses.